Restaurant Etiquette

The restaurant is a place where you go to enjoy delicious food, have a talk with a friend or a way to show social power.

However if don’t know how to behave in a place like this neither food, a person or your social position will help you get away with looking like a fool.

We’ve written about table manners before, you can go and check it out here, but we never covered the topic about restaurants before.
I feel like it’s quite an important topic. You can’t go to a meeting in a restaurant and not know how to eat properly.

Let’s get started

Rule Number One: The one who invites is the one who pays

Really important rule especially if are trying to make a good first impression. It doesn’t matter if you invite an employee, a first date or just going out with your spouse.

Keep in mind that if the person who you’re dining with insist on paying the bill, or splitting it, you probably should agree with them.

Rule Number Two: If you are the host, set up the payment before sitting on a table

This will generally apply to bigger events, like birthdays or this type of gatherings. You can still do it on a date, that way you’ll end up looking extra cool (or creepy).
Just make sure that you hand a credit card at the waiter when entering the restaurant, but do it discretely.

Rule Number Three: The napkin sits on your lap

The only reason why I write it as a grand rule is because I’ve seen so many gentleman put like your mom used to when you were a baby, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

When the food arrives unfold it, and place it on your lap. If you have to get up while you are eating, say go to the bathroom, just place it next your plate, don’t fold it just gently put it there and make sure it’s not ball shaped.

Rule Number Four: Table manners

Again, we’ve got that topic covered. You can go and check it here:

  • Why Table Manners Matter

Rule Number Five: Eat slowly, so you don’t make your companion feel rushed

There is nothing more uncomfortable than feeling unwanted. Eating fast can result in showing like you try to rush things and the person sitting in front of you might feel unwanted.

Now that you know the ground rules go and ace that first date.

See you on the next one…
– E. A.


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