Procrastination | The Only Thing That Really Works For Me

I know we’ve talked before about procrastination. It is a great article and there are really helpful advices so go check it out. But it was posted more than 6 months ago and I believe there is an advice that I missed mentioning, simply because I’ve never done it before.

The advice? Drum roll please!

“Get off your ass and just do it!”

I don’t remember where I heard that, might been on the’s podcast (yes, I’m a big fan of Andy). It doesn’t matter really, what matters is that it works. Being able to get stuff done really is my main goal for the past 2-3 months, and my desire to grind everyday really is driven by this simple quote up there!
Another thing that should go with that quote I feel is visualizing. You can’t go anywhere really without having a vision in your mind. Where you want to go, what you have to do to be at a certain level or what is your goal.

Right now I can’t find that certain podcast, but if you are interested in developing your own business, or just learning something new about how successful people think, definitely go check it out:

That’s it for this Sunday, gentleman!

See you on the next one…
– E. A.


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