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Business trips are slowly, but surely taking more of our time. One day you have to be in the office, tomorrow you have a meeting halfway around the world. As men taking meticulous care of our look some of us have developed pretty good packing routines for our work travels. So, how do you travel in style and comfort?

It’s not rocket science. Good travel style boils down to choosing the right fabrics and planning your outfits beforehand. There are also simple tricks that can help hide imperfections in your style.

As the world moves too fast for trial and error let’s take a look at how you can master your business travel style and do so in comfort.

Plan your trip ahead

Before packing any clothes you need to know how your work trip is going to play out. Duration and weather are the two most important things that you should take into consideration when choosing and planning your travel style. After all, if you choose the proper garments you’ll be able to transition between office and evening style seamlessly.

The right luggage is key for travel in style

The length of a business trip will determine the number of garments that you’re going to pack. In turn, the more clothes you pack, the bigger the suitcase will be. A man should be comfortable with three sizes of suitcases used for three different trip durations.

If you’re traveling for a day keep thing simple and pack only the essentials. For everyone this is different, but a small bowling bag should be sufficient. A laptop, a pair of headphones, a comfortable cotton t-shirt and your passport should fit more than comfortably in it.

For a business trip lasting up to a week, you should be good to go with a quality leather holdall bag. Being big enough to fit clothes for four to five days, plus your accessories, a holdall bag also fits perfectly in the overhead compartment. This allows for a fuss-free travel experience.

If you’re staying away from home for longer than a week pack in a suitcase. This is the least desirable option, as you’ll have to check-in your luggage before boarding.

Whatever your choice may be, packing light is packing smart. That’s why we advise you to take your time and plan several garments that work well together.

Packing smart

Of course, no matter what you choose to pack in, if you don’t take the time to properly pack everything in your luggage, your business trip will be hell.

Some of the packing tips we always use when we’re traveling are:

Fold any socks and ties inside your shoes
This would save you space, act as shoetrees retaining the shape of your second pair of footwear.

Place sturdy items like jeans and t-shirts on the bottom
Depending on the clothes that you have to wear at work, jeans and t-shirts should be placed at the bottom. These items crease less than trousers and button up shirts.

Essentials should be on top
Any reading material, headphones, and your passport should be on top of your luggage. They should be easily accessible as you’re bound to use them.

Go with trousers that don’t require a belt
Going through customs is frustrating enough. Skip the belt and go with a well-tailored trouser. That way you won’t have to remove and put on your belt.

Choose the proper garments to wear

What follows after you arrive at your destination will determine your travel style. Traveling the day before? Then most likely a cotton t-shirt and a pair of chinos would be the perfect choice for you. Cotton is breathable, comfortable and stretchy – the perfect blend for travel.

If you’re traveling early in the morning and a full day of work awaits you when you land put on the suit that you’re going to wear for the day. A quick change of button-ups in the airport isn’t that big of a deal and a crisp white shirt would freshen up your overall look.

If a long day in the office awaits you choose a suit made of natural wool fabrics. That way you’re wearing breathable materials keeping you cool and crease-free even after a long flight. Bonus comfortability point if you go with an unconstructed suit jacket.

The right footwear will take you a long way

Going through customs, walking to your gate and repeating the same thing when you land can be tiring on everyone. Add a full day of work and your business trip may prove to be more of a waste of time than actual productive work.

Your field of work will dictate the footwear that you’ll wear so you have to adjust. If your occupation allows for casual footwear, then definitely opt for a comfortable pair of sneakers.

For formal settings, you can always swap your smart shoes for soft sole ones. While they will still look good with your suit, they’re far more comfortable.

Additional tricks to ease your next business trip

As we mentioned above, this article isn’t only packed (*pun intended) with business travel tips. We’re giving you some tried tricks that will help you look better.

The first trick is to always pack dark colored suits. Darker colors hide creases better than lighter colored ones. Put on your favorite navy suit and you’re good to go.

Going wireless is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Apple’s earpods may look kind of funky, but their lack of a physical connection to your phone will make you feel free in an otherwise tight plane.

Opt for a smaller laptop. As you’re going on a business trip, you’re bound to do work on the go. That’s where are a smaller size laptop will come in handy. The small space in a plane is never enough to accommodate you and a 15” laptop. A smaller, 13” or 14” inch ultrabook will have a longer lasting battery and will be much lighter.

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