How to Wear a Suit to Work if You Are Not Obliged to

About 70% of men wear a suit because their occupation obligates them to.

Although the suit is quite the bounding outfit, it can be very versatile. Hard to believe, right? We’ve already discussed the topics on how to wear your suit with sneakers, and it has received a great attention today we take a look on probably one of the most unappreciated topics out there – how to wear a suit to work even if you don’t have to.

It’s becoming more and more common to see office places that don’t require their workers to wear a suit to work, and when you are working in one of those places wearing a suit means something more than just looking presentable. It shows that you respect yourself and people you work with by taking care of your appearance.

When you want to upgrade your style and take the next step by wearing a kick ass suit you have to know the difference.

The difference lies in the details. Everything from the colors, the fabric, the fit and even the length of your pants. Everyone who owns a suit that was meant to be worn in an office knows how they look. Cheap, bad fit and often too big for you, after all, it was meant to be worn while you sit trough 8 hours of your day.

And here is where the difference can be seen. If you want to wear a suit to work it’s most likely because you want to show the people around you you are stylish. Instead of buying an off the rack suit go and have one tailored. If you are someone that get’s near perfect fit when you buy your clothes from the clothing store then you might get away with buying an off the rack suit. However, if you are like me you need to go to a tailor and get a bespoke suit.

The biggest problem for me are the pants. I have quite big tights and slim waist, so, I’m not satisfied with the fit an off the rack suit and I don’t think they flatter my body shape. Price wise I can get a ready to wear pants for about $70 and can get one tailored for about $80 to $95 plus the fabric.
So, when it comes to differentiating yourself from the guy that wears a suit because he has to from you – the guy that wears a suit because he’s stylish.

So, to made things easy here are the things you should give your attention to:

  • The most important thing – the fit of the suit.
    The reason it’s so important is because stylish people take care of their appearance. The big and bulky suits are a big NO. Fitted and custom made suits will flatter your physique rather than making you look bigger. Don’t cheap out gentleman, it’s always better to save up some money and buy yourself a quality tailored suit rather than buying a cheaper suit from, let’s say Zara and throw it out in less than a year.
  • The fabric of the suit.
    It’s well known that a quality suit is made from quality fabric. If you are going to tailor your suit you have the freedom to design your own suit. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than usual but at the end you are satisfied and you get to wear something you wanted, not something that is close to what you’ve had in mind. With the ability to design your own suit you choose the fabric. If you feel like you are not able to choose a high-quality fabric you can always ask your tailor for the type of fabric.

But let’s say you don’t have money to get a brand new tailored suit and no time to save some too. So what do you do? I’m known for not wasting your time with things that you can find easily on the internet and what you should do is go and google how a suit should fit, and take your best pick – here’s a great video by The Art of Manliness


Gentleman, now that we’ve got you covered on the fit and you know how to choose a suit that screams ‘’I’m stylish’’ and one that says ‘’I’ve got a boring 9 to 5’’ it’s time to make sure your suit stands out.

There are four basic things you need to cover to ensure that you look dapper and your suit is one step above everyone else.

  • The lapels
    Lately, the trends have made the lapels of the suit thinner and it’s quite hard to find lapels that are not notch. The truth is that if you want to show your stylish self to the world it’s best to go with wider and even, if it’s your thing, go with peak lapels, which are very stylish.
  • A suit that features functioning buttons on the sleeves
    The reason being is that this modification is quite costly to make. Usually buying an off the rack suit with functioning sleeve buttons will cost you more and also if you decide to make your tailored suit with ones. This means that you can unbutton one or two of the button and silently show your superiority. *wink*
  • The color of your suit
    This one is the trickiest. You can totally ruin a perfectly good looking suit just because of the color of it. It’s not that the suit is bad looking, it’s because your skin tone might not work well with the color of the suit. Basically, if you know what colors work well with your skin tone you’d be good.
  • Lining
    The lining of the suit jacket is one of those features that will not be always visible but will make a statement even when a few people see it. Quality and expensive suits feature a beautiful lining and if you are tailoring your own suit you should definitely spend extra $40 for a beautiful lining.

But people, no suit looks good without taking care of the shoes…

I’m quite sure that at least once I’ve said on one of the articles that people with ugly and dirty shoes don’t respect themselves. Now, I know not everyone is able to afford $500 shoes – and neither am I, but everyone can have a good taste. It costs nothing to have one. I’m still a student and I have a pretty tight budget but if you look on my Instagram my shoes are always shined and good looking. It’s not about wasting a ton of money, it’s about buying smart.

Now, what shoes you might ask.
Well, the weather is getting warmer and warmer so it’s always a good idea to have a great loafer. They look very elegant when worn without socks.
If the weather is colder a great pair of Chelsea boots or brogues/cap toes will always look dandy on you. I will feature a couple of looks down there and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

…As they say – “The Devil is in the details’’

So accessories are a must. A nice watch that is not supposed to break the bank – let’s say MVMTwatches, will look super stylish on you. Bracelets and eye-wear will add dimension to your face and make you look smarter and more interesting. However you should be careful when coming to accessorizing because you can end up looking like Johnny Depp and let’s be honest, most likely you are not him, are you?
As I mentioned above I’ll show you a couple of outfits just so you get the idea and have no excuse not to look dapper.

Mixing things all together. 👇








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