How to Maintain a Perfectly Groomed Face

Having a well-groomed face is important to any gent.

For the past couple of years, bearded men have taken over the world. It looks great but it’s a pretty thin line between a well-groomed beard and you rocking a hobo beard.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be rocking a cool beard or if you prefer a clean shaven face there are some rules that apply for both bearded and shaven guys out there. So, without any more unnecessary words let’s dive into the topic of the perfectly groomed face.

The Weekly Grooming Schedule

Having a well planned weekly grooming schedule is of utmost importance. A lot of times it can be a pain in the ass to let everything for a single day of the week. Many times you’ll have to devour a big amount of your free time to grooming and it easily can become a task that you won’t be thrilled to do. You’ll stick to it for maybe a month or two, but sooner it will become annoying and it’s likely you’ll fall out and totally forget your grooming routine.

What you can do is to separate your whole schedule throughout the week. That way you’ll get things done faster and easier. Slowly it will become a part of your daily routine and you won’t even notice the things that you are doing. You can even do a couple of things in one day. Typically those things will be the ones that won’t take a lot of time, like trimming your nose or ear hair. Leave the time-consuming tasks like shaving/shaping your beard, plucking your eyebrows, and face care for different days and don’t mix them with the other tasks.

Trimming Your Nose Hairs

Untrimmed nose hair is what will totally ruin your look. Most men don’t remove them at all, and if you can’t see yours there is no need to start in the first place. But I’m talking to the guy with the nose hairs that come down to their mouth. Trim your nose hair!

You don’t do it probably because it hurts like hell, and it really does, but that is because you use all sorts of crazy trimmers. I’ve tried quite a few, and the best thing you can use for removing your nose hair is a simple, sharp pair of scissors. Go and spend some money on nice, quality scissors and get this question sorted until the rest of your life.

This pair from Zwilling will do the job just fine. You can get it from the guys over at the Grooming Lounge.

Zwilling Nose/Ear Scissors


Either you are a demigod with a great beard or you are simple mortal with a squeaky shaven face. As a simple mortal, I can’t stress enough on the fact that if you want a nice, clean shave you’ll have to invest some of your money for a great razor. The simple Gillette won’t do the job. For a great, precise shave I’d recommend you get the Muhle R89 safety razor. It’s a great, nifty tool you should have in your arsenal.



Muhle R89 Safety Razor


For all of the bearded heroes out there, your best bet is on either a great beard trimmer or even better visiting a barber once a week and letting him do his job. Your beard will always look better when done from someone that knows his job.


I personally hate plucking and shaping my eyebrows. It’s really slow and annoying. But in order to maintain you perfectly groomed look you’ll have to go trough this torture once a week. Perfectly you can make your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband do it for you. That way it’s easier and cheaper, but if they have no idea in how to pluck and shape a man’s eyebrows then you should visit a professional. Getting your eyebrows done by someone who knows how to do it is fairly inexpensive and fast, so book on your next visit as soon as you can and get those sorted out.

Final Words

No matter what the first step in this article is crucial. Developing a well thought grooming schedule will ensure you stay on track for a longer period of time. Share your grooming tips and tricks with us in the comments!

– Evgeni

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