How to Achieve The Perfect Shave

A couple of posts ago we covered the topic of how to maintain a perfectly groomed face.

But can you have a perfectly groomed face if you don’t know the proper  way to shave?

Of course, you can’t!

After shaving, it’s no rarity to get irritations, breakouts, nicks, etc. Getting nicked on itself depends on your shaving abilities alone, but irritations and breakouts are all caused by the way you shave.

Very often, we men, take shaving as something annoying and for most of us it’s a daily habit like brushing our teeth. We do it often times in the morning while we get ourselves ready for work and we are trying to get trough it as fast as we can.

But exactly because we are in a hurry we nick ourselves and later trough the day we end up with irritated skin and our face looks pretty bad.

Before we dive deeper in the art of shaving I want to acknowledge the fact that if you are a man having skin problems like acne should go to a dermatologist and seek advice. Very often shaving can further irritate acne and cause problems. Your best bet is to go and see a doctor that will give you the right directions.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s take a look on the proper shave.

Probably the best rule you can apply when shaving is:

Everything we do pre-shaving is to warm the skin, everything after – to cool it down

Follow this rule and you’ll improve your shaving a mile than what it is now.

Step No. 1: Get a sharp razor


In order to achieve the perfect close shave, you should use a sharp razor.It doesn’t matter if you are going to use a safety razor or go old school with a cut-throat razor, that’s up to you!

What you should pay attention to is to change or sharpen the edge of your razor every 7 to 10 shaves. That way you can be sure you are always giving yourself the best and closest possible shave.

Step No. 2: Warm your face

In order to avoid irritation after you shave, you should give your face a couple of nice splashes of warm water. The point is that you should open your skin’s pores before you shave. Not only that, the warm water will soften the hairs and will make shaving them off easier. Wash your face with warm water for 1 to 2 minutes before a shave and then proceed to the next step.

Optional step: Apply some pre-shave oil.


Not to be mistaken with the shaving creme that helps with the gliding of the razor the pre-shave oil will help keep your pores open and your hairs soft during the shaving. If you can spend some extra money on it then do it.

Step No. 3: Apply shaving creme


The biggest mistake you can make is to put too much shaving creme on your face. The less you have the better. The purpose it serves is to help the razor glide on your face. If you have too much of it on your face all it will do is to stop the razor.

When applying creme make sure to keep the layer thin. So thin that in fact, you can see the skin of your face. While applying the creme do it with a gentle circular motion and gentle massage, that will help the shaving creme get under the hairs.

Step No. 4: The shaving itself

You’ve taken all the steps above and you’re proper ready to get a nice close shave. Here is only one rule to be applied:

Shave always with the grain, never against.

Step No. 5: The Aftershave


Now that you have achieved the best possible shave it’s time to the aftershave routine. The next two steps are the one’s of most importance if you are looking to avoid irritations.

What you should do after you’ve shaved is to close your pores. There are two ways of doing it:

  • The Aggressive Way
    It’s the way Kevin McCallister closed his after shaving. There is a reason the little dude was left alone screaming. The reason being the alcohol that was in the aftershave.
    In other words, the aggressive way of closing your pores is with alcohol. It hurts, it dries out your skin and it’s definitely not healthy.
    Never use an aftershave cream with alcohol.
  • The Natural Way
    This is the best way to close your pores. After your shave splash your face for two minutes with cold water. After that apply a thin layer of after shave oil to further reduce the possibility of an irritation.

Step No. 6: Enjoy your freshly shaven face

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Final Words

What do you think about our guide?
Did it help you?

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