Holidays Travel Style Guide

Next month is holidays season and if you are going to travel, you’ll need a nice, lightweight combination of few selected items that ou can pair in different ways and pass like you have been wearing different outfits every time someone saw you.

Well, there is a way to get by for two or three days, and you can look amazing. Even if you are catching a plane to visit loved one’s there is no reason to worry because now we will break down the 72-hour style.

The Style

Unlike women, we don’t need much to feel good. Whenever you are traveling you need exactly 10 things:

  1. Full Suit (Shirt, Suit, Tie)
  2. A Button Down Shirt
  3. A Pair of Nice Shoes
  4. A Coat
  5. A Pair of Jeans
  6. A Fine Sweater
  7. Socks
  8. Underwear
  9. Fragrance
  10. A Holdall

It’s that simple to get at least 5 outfits of your clothes, and when you are traveling with half of the garments you are wearing it’s really lightweight as a luggage that you have to carry.

The Outfits

The Travelling

Traveling should be easy and comfortable. It might not be the most pleasant thing to spend a day on the road, so why  don’t you do it stylishly?
The whole outfit is smart casual and most of the heavy items you will be wearing so you won’t bother thinking about the weight of your luggage.

Day 1

Depending on when your dinner day is you can switch the full suit with this outfit (and the formality of the event). This outfit is great because it features the comfortability of the previous one but it’s also a bit more preppy.
You can definitely pull is as a casual dinner look.

Dinner Day

This really needs no explaining. The suit combination is clean and elegant. There is nothing too flashy about it and the coat brings a bit of color to the whole look.

Traveling Back

Just as the previous traveling outfit this one is comfortable and easy to wear.

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Final Words

How are you going to be dressed this holidays? Share with us bellow!

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