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For all of us, lost guys, that just want to make the ladies in our life happy, we’ve teamed up with Charlene from to give you the perfect guide on gifts. On her blog you can find a gift guide for men.
So, welcome Charlene guys!

The Holiday Season is here and it is time to get your girlfriend a gift! Every detail counts so don’t forget the card and fancy wrapping paper. But before you start thinking about what to get, think about the person. What does she enjoy doing? What is her style? Is there a brand that she loves? It is so much cooler when people give personalized gifts- and I don’t mean monogrammed. Give gifts that show you really listen to the details and have fully explored her interests and personality. If you are still having a hard time finding something for your special lady, keep reading for some last minute suggestions.


  1. Let’s start with the mother of all presents- Jewelry.

While every girl loves fancy jewelry, it’s not in everyone’s budget- but don’t worry, there are options! Instead of looking for knockoff diamonds, try going in a different direction… find cool pieces that she won’t already have. Sites like have a great variety.  I love this feather bracelet from the La Chaim shop



  1. Next up is the Oversized Scarf.

Who wouldn’t want a scarf that you can also wear as a blanket or a sweater? If you want to go all out with this gift, I recommend adding an accessory such as a belt or a hat- or both!



  1. Spa Day

As much as we love material items, few things can beat a day at the spa. Find a spa in your area and book appointments for her and a friend- that way she can bring someone along, or go twice. P.S. We love manis, pedis, and massages so make sure they are included in the package.


  1. Cozy Mittens

My favorites are the mittens that fold back to fingerless gloves so that it is easy to text- even in the snow! Try to find mittens that match her winter jacket and if you live in a really cold place, make sure they are fleece lined.


  1.  A Watch

There are watches for every budget and style. I love the Kate Spade collection because they are moderately priced and range from fancy bracelet watches to funky plastic bands.



Good luck with your shopping and Happy Holidays!



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