Five Body Language Mistakes

We’ve talked about body language before

By now we’ve discussed what is body language and how to use it to our advantage, but I feel like the part of the mistakes that can be made should be among our articles too.

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What is body language

The easiest way to explain it is:

Body language is every motion your body does. Simply put everything from your posture to the way your eyes move when you speak.

As a person who believes that everyone should be educated on how their mind, body and thought work, I feel obligated to give you a little information on what can cost you a job or potential lover.

As promised here are the five biggest mistakes that you might do

1. Avoiding eye contact

Never avoid eye contact!
By doing so you show the other person you are not prepared, nervous and you have no idea what you have to say, thus making you avoid contact with him.
So, the next time you’re at a job interview look the interviewers straight into their eyes – after all the eyes are the windows to a persons mind.

2. Bad posture

We’ve written before on posture, you can read it here:

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Keeping your shoulders upfront indicates that you are shy, you are not confident in yourself. Looking at the ground shows that you are not motivated. If you want to learn more on posture visit the article I’ve linked above.

3. Fidgeting

Playing with your hair, eating your nail, tapping nervously with your foot. Fidgeting shows nervousness.
Being nervous is a normal thing, but you should try to hide it.

4. Not showing interested

Always show interest when you’re speaking with someone. If you are not interested in the conversation you’re having, just stop it. You better quit talking than waste you time with talks you’re not interested in.

5. Failing to smile

No matter what you work, if your job includes direct communication with clients you are instructed to smile.


Smiling is something personal, it makes you look happy and happiness is what we are all looking for.
Just ask yourself would you reach out to a person that is frowned?

Smile more!

All of the five mistakes listed above are the ones that tease me the most!

What are yours? 
Share in the comments bellow!

See you on the next one…
– E. A.

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