Edison’s Bowtie Review

Just like any well-dressed man, I enjoy having my fair choice of high-end bowties. Just like any university student, I don’t like splashing hundreds of dollars for accessories.

That’s when the team from Edison’s Bowtie reached out to me and asked me to review their accessories, so I agreed. The people from Edison’s Bowtie have been awesome in making the service super cool and the whole experience in both purchasing and the delivery of the accessories.

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I’ve had the chance to wear a couple of them and the compliment’s have started already. The pocket squares are also quite cool.

Pocket squares edison's bowtie

Pretty cool and easy to pair. I think I will wear them a lot once the weather give’s the chance.

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Here are a couple of shots of the ties and the pocket squares.

[envira-gallery id=”8939″]

Make sure to go and get your style on point with Edison’s Bowtie

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