Color Matching Guide for Fall 2016

Last week we gave you the fall outfits you’ll need this season but today it’s all about color matching.

When we are talking about color matching things can get complicated. Many men completely mess up in this aspect of dressing up, and that is understandable given the wide array of options that we have.

Clearing the mess around is important for any man who want’s to look good, and what better to look on point than matching your outfit’s color to the season you are in?
But what happens when you try to learn a bit about color matching and what color goes well in which season is you ending up completely confused…

Don’t believe me?

Imagine the color Concrete Pond. Ivory Tusk? Folk Stone?

Never mind! We’ll get to the bottom of this color scheme and matching game and you’ll look amazing at the end.

The Color Scheme



Whenever we are talking about the autumn style you should always think earthly tones. Burgundy, Gold, Brown, Green, and Gray Should always be in your arsenal.


Gold is the color of the fall season. A typically earthly color the muted gold color is the perfect color for coats and jackets? (And why not a cardigan?)

This true 70’s color is what you should stick with if you want to match your clothes this season, just keep in mind to not over-do it!

Key Pieces


This is the best color for every season. This might be just me, but I absolutely love brown. Don’t you? It goes well with everything and can be incorporated into almost any outfit. One thing about brown is that it goes well as an accessory color. Unless you incorporate this color into a great pair of shoes, or any accessories (a watch, bracelet, eyewear etc…)

Key Pieces


Yeah, while everything turns to brown you just have to rock your dark green garment. Associated with the military it’s a great and manly color that you should definitely incorporate into your Autumn wardrobe. My favorite coat is in really deep green and it goes well with everything.

Key Pieces


You simply can’t go wrong with burgundy. A color associated with royalty and wealth burgundy brings a lot to the table. It goes very well when worn as a cardigan, pants or even some boots.

Key Pieces


A nice gray suit is the second best thing a man can own after a dark blue suit. What makes this color such a great choice is the fact that it goes well with everything no matter what. You can wear gray jeans, gray shirt, gray overcoat etc. You get it.

Key Pieces

Final Words

What are your colors for this Autumn? Share them with us in the comments!

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