Edison’s Bowtie Review

Edison's Bowtie in collaboration with Gentleman Zone

Just like any well-dressed man, I enjoy having my fair choice of high-end bowties. Just like any university student, I don’t like splashing hundreds of dollars for accessories. That’s when the team from Edison’s Bowtie reached out to me and asked me to review their accessories, so I agreed. The people from Edison’s

A Quick and Easy Guide to Pocket Squares

An easy guide to pocket squares

We all love to feel and look dapper. Whatever your style might be, every classy man needs to have a nice suit or two, plus a couple of jackets. You know… To keep things versatile… Just like a nice car, well-tailored suits need something that will give them character. Exactly like new wheels will

The Gentleman Zone Style for 2016’s Holidays

So, our friends from Huntsman and Thomas Pink have picked two great styles for this year’s holidays. We couldn’t be more grateful for providing these two imecappble outfits for you, our readers. No matter if you are going to spend your holidays with family or partying with friends, being well dressed is important.

Men’s Essential Accessories for Winter

The cold weather is just around the corner and it’s about to get even colder than it is. Failing to prepare beforehand can lead to some very uncomfortable situations, that’s why here at Gentleman Zone we are going to prepare you for the worst while looking your best. While making your list for

Color Matching Guide for Fall 2016

Last week we gave you the fall outfits you’ll need this season but today it’s all about color matching. When we are talking about color matching things can get complicated. Many men completely mess up in this aspect of dressing up, and that is understandable given the wide array of options that we

The Guide to Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important acessorie for men. Every self-respecting stylish man owns at least one pair of great sunglasses that suit him perfectly. No matter the season, if it’s appropriate the stylish man will always wear a great pair of sunglasses. It’s widely known that sunglasses will make you more handsome and cooler.

The Beginners Guide to Buying a Watch

A wristwatch is probably the single most elegant accessory a gentleman can own. But if you are entirely new to watches, finding a new watch can be quite hard. Often times you might get scammed with your first timepiece. And that’s not your fault. It takes an experienced eye to notice a good

How to Dress Casually

Here, on Gentleman Zone, we talk regularly about suits. Suits  are great, they can make you look slimmer, taller and speak a lot about what we think of ourselves. But what should we do when we go casual. No dapper suits and cool monk-straps. Expressing your style when dressing casually can be quite