A Fine Line between Confidence and Arrogance

*THIS IS A GUEST POST FROM OUR FRIEND MATHEWS FROM RIPPED.ME It is quite peculiar how confidence and arrogance get confused. Most often, we are vulnerable to misjudgment when assessing our own traits, and tend to evaluate others better. This is an indication that we all possess a bit of arrogance, and that

How to Dress for a Date

Scoring a date can be a hard task. That’s why whenever you get the chance you should be on your top game. We have a lot of topics that cover how to dress sharp and always be on point, however, I thought that we should cover the topic of dating wear. There are

Seven Things That Define a Gentleman

Becoming a gentleman nowadays is something that is hard. If your grandfather or father haven’t thought you, it’s likely you will never know everything in detail. Why? Because to learn how to be a gentleman you, as a person, need to see how a gentleman lives. The saying: “A gentleman is born, not

The Best Pick Up Line

You see a girl, you think she’s beautiful and a question pop’s up. – Should I go and talk to her? Making your mind and deciding to approach someone is difficult, but once you’ve decided it gets easy. The rally hard question is: – How to get the conversation going? Believe me when I