The Business Bundle by Thomas Pink

THE BUSINESS BUNDLE PERFECT YOUR PORTFOLIO: ONLY FRIDAY NEEDS TO BE CASUAL For AW16 Modern British Shirtmaker Thomas Pink is putting business first with the launch of a new premium and luxury shirting collection designed to address the sartorial needs of the professional gentleman. Whether looking for a shirt for an important meeting,

Five Body Language Mistakes

We’ve talked about body language before By now we’ve discussed what is body language and how to use it to our advantage, but I feel like the part of the mistakes that can be made should be among our articles too. But before we continue, check the other articles on body language: Body Language |

Seven Ways To Stand Out

We live in a world of more than 7 billion people. This makes it very easy to fall into a give group or just get lost in the crowd. Every one has their own set of skills and with the power of the internet is pretty easy to stand out. But what about

Five Great Business Casual Outfits

Rocking a business casual is not only a style, it’s a statement. You say I’m bold, cool and I’m fun. Don’t get me wrong, going full conservative is cool, but sometimes you have to prove people that you’re a boss. So, let’s go casual gents! #1: Throw your trousers in the closet and

A Guide On Giving Compliments

We as people crave for human attention. It’s normal and we tend not to hide it. Every time someone looks at us, smile at us or if we are lucky enough gives us a compliment, we go crazy. Of course we never show it outside, if they are lucky enough all the person

What your posture say about you?

Go to the mirror and look at your posture. What do you see? Are you standing tall, straight or you are humped, looking at the ground? It’s widely known that standing tall with your chin up is considered that you are strong and powerful. Exactly on the opposite side is being humped! Looking