Winter Skincare Routine

Winter is a harsh season. Battling the winter winds is as hard as it sounds. Even if you are not in Siberia, it’s normal to get cold enough to make any man’s skin dry and cause irritation and discomfort. Normally we want to avoid this every winter, and most of the times we

How to Achieve The Perfect Shave

A couple of posts ago we covered the topic of how to maintain a perfectly groomed face. But can you have a perfectly groomed face if you don’t know the proper  way to shave? Of course, you can’t! After shaving, it’s no rarity to get irritations, breakouts, nicks, etc. Getting nicked on itself

How to Maintain a Perfectly Groomed Face

Having a well-groomed face is important to any gent. For the past couple of years, bearded men have taken over the world. It looks great but it’s a pretty thin line between a well-groomed beard and you rocking a hobo beard. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be rocking a cool beard or if

Daily Summer Skin Care Routine

It`s officially summer. W ith the hot weather, it is great to change up the daily skin routine. The heavy creams that you have been using during the colder weather are no longer practical. It`s time to add some new products to your daily skin routine and also to get rid of some

Essential Grooming Most Men Overlook

It’s here, gentleman! Sorry for the delay of the articles, the last two weeks have been crazy… Yesterday I asked you on Twitter what would the next article be about and, well, grooming won. So, today we take a look on the five essential grooming most men overlook. As you might know, only

Men’s Face-care Made Easy

I know this week has been a little bit off and I’m sorry about it. In order to compensate for me not posting on the usual schedule, I’ll give you something that took me years to work out. If you even for a little time tried to incorporate a skincare routine in your

Prevent Chap Lips | Before They Even Begin

As cold weather slowly starts to situate itself we begin to experience some downs as well. You start feeling cold, shivers, layering more clothes and all the downsides of cold weather. But the worst of it all is chap lips. It hurts, you can’t even talk and it looks absolutely repulsive. Just imagine talking

Face Care | Moisturising & Exfoliation?

In 21 century having a beautiful face can help a lot. We live in world where the everyone first judges on appearance  then on your personality. It is normal, the first things that we see before someone begins to speak is the way they look. Though I have friends that are actually the