Body Language | 4 Ways To Be More Charismatic

Body language is a big part of human relationships.
That is the thing that would help us to be more attractive and charismatic.

Here I am about to give you 4 tips/ways on how to develop your body language.

Do not smile at the exact moment of greeting.
Smile when you make an eye contact with your interlocutor.
That would make him feel special, that your smile is particulary for him.

2.Eye contact
I could say that it is one of the most important things you should make when you are having a conversation.
Do not look away, that makes you look insecure.
Or even worse-you do not like your comapny.
It will make them think that you are lack of interest to them.

3.Do not fidget
Do not change often the position of your hands and legs.
Take your hands out of your pockets.
It would make you look more reliable as a interlocutor.

4.Imagine that you are having a chat with and old friend
You will feel more comfortable and relxed.
This technique would help you to behave more natural.
Your friendly tone would certainly make an impression on your company.

                                                                                                            See you on the next one…
                                                                                                                            – Ch. N.

Evgeni Asenov

For the last 4 years I've been enthusiastic about men's style, lifestyle and fashion. Trough trial and error I've learned some things in this area and now I'm here to share with everyone who might be interested.

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