Why the New Bell & Ross BR Vintage Should Be Your Next Watch

I  n the world of luxury timepieces, it can be hard to find a watch that will last you a lifetime and will look timeless for less than $5,000. All of the Rolex’s are fine, but it gets a bit dull when you want to stand out.
Sure, if you are a fan of Mr Bond, then a nice Omega watch would suit you nicely. But it seems like unless you are a big watch enthusiast, you don’t tend to look at the smaller Swiss brands.

By no means we are saying Bell & Ross are small, quite the contrary they are a well-established brand in the world of timepieces. But it’s a shame that men who look to invest in a quality watch have their first choice at low-end Rolex (as low-end as Rolex can be).

The Design Of Bell & Ross’s BR Vintage Watch

The history behind Bell & Ross

Since the creation of the brand, Bell & Ross have been inspired by the type of aviation watches. This shows well in all of their designs no matter if it’s a dressy or more sporty watch.

The BR Vintage comes in three configurations. That’s one of the best parts of this line. If you want something sturdier, then you can go with the metal band watch, and if you need a more refined, classy timepiece then the bezelless designed timepiece will fit your needs perfectly.

The military inspirations might be subtle in the design of this timepiece, but they are very clear in the durability. The watertight case is perfect for your aquatic adventures, and it preserves the watch from dust entering in the dial.
Equipped with an automatic Swiss movement, this timepiece is set to last you a lifetime.

The biggest hint of aviation can be found in the second’s hand. If you look closely you’ll notice it’s shaped like a plane.

With the amount of detail put in the redesigning of this wonderful timepiece, you cannot not love it. You can get your very own Bell and Ross by visiting the link bellow.

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