Battling Hair Loss Like a Man

I  n today’s busy world it’s easy for many men to neglect hair care. Paying the barber a visit every two or three weeks is simply not enough. You have to put that extra care in your daily routine in order to keep that beautiful mane in good shape, after all. 

But, whit all that stress overwhelming us on a daily basis it can be quite hard. Or, you might not have the genes of a Greek god, and start losing your hair before you ever go to university. If that’s you, then sorry bud, the only solution for might be a hair transplant. 

If you, however, start to see more and more hair falling out in the shower while in your prime, then genes might not be the problem, but your lifestyle. The reasons why you might be losing your hair can be many. It’s best to go to the doctor and have blood tests run, so you have a more clear picture of what’s going on with your body. 

What can Cause Hair Loss And How To Battle It

What causes hair loss and how to battle it.

The daily routines that you follow might not be the best for your health. Before you start blaming your parents for the genes that you have inherited, sit down and think if you are living a healthy lifestyle.
This doesn’t mean if you are working out. Not at all. This means to evaluate the amount of stress you have. Stress is a huge problem that affects us on a daily basis.

Apart from stress, different immune illnesses can affect hair growth too. Everything from cancer to anaemia can cause hair loss, and these diseases aren’t connected with how healthy you are eating and how often you hit the gym. That’s why it’s always best to consult with a doctor. 

How to Handle Stress

Ways to handle stress.

Dealing with stress can be quite hard. With work, kids and other responsibilities constantly demanding your attention there is no time to identify what makes you stress!

Some old habits like smoking and drinking might be the cause of you losing your hair, so it’s important to mark which harmful doings may be the reason for you losing your hair. 

How you fight stress is more important. Here are some proven ways to fight stress:

  • Meditation
    The old Buddhist technique of meditation can be practised for different results. Relaxation and fighting stress is one of them. There are numerous places from where you can learn online. If you have the time you should even try going to a course. Some people perform much better when meditating in a group. 
  • Working Out
    Hitting the gym three to five times a week is a great way to de-stress. The reason being stress triggers our fight or flight instinct so working out can be beneficial in dealing with this problem.
  • Getting Enough Sleep
    Sleep is very important. But how often do you get six to eight hours of sleep? Chances are you are thinking – “Not much…”. Try to rearrange your schedule and have at least six hours of sleep per night. If you can’t sleep during the night because of your occupation, then invest in some nice thick drapes that block all the light in your bedroom. That way you won’t confuse your body.
  • Talk 
    It doesn’t matter who you are going to talk to as long as it works. If you don’t mind sharing personal information you can talk to anyone you see fit. Visiting a professional can also be a good idea. 

Trying Supplements

Fighting hair loss with supplements.

A great way to cure male pattern baldness and hair loss is using Propecia. It’s a prescription drug that stops the conversion of testosterone to forms that may kill the follicle of the hair and cause baldness. It generally takes around three months until effect starts to show. It’s always best that you consult with a doctor and have your whole cycle of taking the pill monitored.

It’s best if you buy only branded Propecia, so you know you are consuming the real thing. A big plus is that you can still consume alcohol while taking Propecia. Driving is also unaffected. Fertility problems aren’t clear, but it seems that they will also appear after long-term abusing of the drug. Short term usage has never been a problem. 

That’s why Propecia is the best choice for you.

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