5 Techs Worth Investing Your Money Into in 2017

The last article we went trough 5 best garments worth investing your money into this year, and now we are into part 2.

As a modern day gentleman being well dressed isn’t the only thing. Phones, tablets, laptops and computers are all around us and we are using them every day.
Investing a bit more money into better tech can be the difference of your day going smoothly or feeling like a slow torture while you are working.

Spending $2K on a new laptop might not be the thing everyone can afford so we will take a look at some budget choices too.

No. 1: A Laptop

The computer you use every day is something like your car. You need it to be fast and reliable. What kind of laptop you need depends solely on what you do with your laptop and what you work.
If you are an Apple fanboy, take a look at what you do daily. If you aren’t using your laptop for photo editing and video producing then you’ll be better of with a MacBook Air. If you do more of a creative work, then you might want to invest a bit more money into a MacBook Pro.

If you don’t like Apple, then you can take a look at HP’s Specter. It has a very beautiful design and it looks absolutely stunning. For a more demanding work take a look at Razor.

No. 2: A New Smartphone

The smartphone industry is an always changing one. You never have the latest and greatest phone for more than a month, and it kind of bugs you because you just bought a brand new one.
One good thing about that is that you can grab last year’s flagship phone for at least 60% if it’s original retail price.
Prices plummet after the first year and tech doesn’t change much.

If you have the money then definitely wait to see what Samsung will do with the Galaxy S8. The rumors are that it will be something revolutionary.
If you don’t want to spend anything above $200 then take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and the One Plus phones. You don’t sacrifice any speed and you get a premium phone for the price of a cheap one.

No. 3: A Home Assistant

This will be the craze in 2017. The new home assistants from Amazon and Google will be the big thing, and you definitely want to try one. If you like technology and you depend on it on a daily basis, then one would definitely help you trough your day-to-day life.

No. 4: A Smart Watch

Two years ago when smart watches first came out they were ugly and quite unfunctional. Their battery used to give out after half a day and the design was terrible.
Today, however, it’s a different story. Designs have a evolved and you can do quite a lot nowadays on them.
Great choices are:

No. 5: A Dash Cam

If you are a car owner and you don’t own one, you should get one ASAP. Dash cams don’t save lives but they save headaches and time.
Investing $150 into one can save you from dealing with the bullshit that comes if you get in an accident or you witness one on the road.

Final Words

2017 will be a year full of innovations and tech will be a big part of it. Invest your money in someone that you need and you will use at least 3 to 5 years.

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