5 Items a Gentleman Can’t Go Without In The Summer

Summer is the season when all stylish men around the world have to maintain a style as awesome as the rest of the year but with much less to choose from.

It’s no secret that layering brings quite some character into your outfit. But with the burning 104 degrees (or 40 degrees if you live outside The States) you just can’t afford to layer unless you are looking to die from overheating.
To skip the dying part of the equation every self-respecting gentleman has a list of garments that are a must when it comes to summer style.

Now, of course, every man has different garments in his list, depending on his lifestyle and where he lives. That’s why you can’t get one certain list to suit all man around the globe. But to just get a glimpse of what such a list looks like I’ve developed such a list that you can take inspiration from.
Now lo and behold the list of the 5 items a gentleman can’t go without in the Summer.

No. 1: A Great Pair of High-Quality Moccasins


Owning a great pair of shoes is really important to any gentleman’s closet. Spending up worth of $500 on quality shoes is an easy task. It might look expensive but in the long term, they will save you double the money.
With moccasins is no different. You can either buy $50 moccasins from H&M and repeat the process next year, or you can go and invest in a great pair of moccasins and wear them for the next 5 years. You choose.

Great Moccasins:

  • TOD’S + Ferrari Gommino Suede Driving Shoes
  • TOD’S City Gommino Leather Loafers
  • GUCCI Horsebit Grained-Leather Driving Shoes


No. 2: A Linen Jacket


Not all of us have to go to work wearing a suit. It’s becoming more and more common for offices to accept business casual wear and not oblige workers to a strict suit and tie dress code. That being said you shouldn’t completely forget about your suits because they are a great way to show off a character.
If you can’t slip trough and you have to go with a suit to work every day then go and invest in some nice linen suits. Or even better you can go and check out our article on summer suits.

But if you can go without the whole suit your best bet is to invest in a nice linen blazer. It will make the heat disappear and will ease your life so much. Your best bet for a great linen blazer is to go and get one made just for you. It looks great and the perfect fit will ensure a great look.

Great Blazers:

  • DUNHILL Ivory Cotton And Linen-Blend Blazer
  • CLUB MONACO Blue Grant Puppytooth Linen Suit Jacket
  • POLO RALPH LAUREN Blue Morgan Slim-Fit Puppytooth Linen Blazer

No. 3: No Show Socks


First it was sunglasses but to be honest, every stylish man wears sunglasses year-round. They look great every season so I decided to swap sunglasses with no-show socks.

The reason?

Nothing screams summer like going “sock-less’’. It’s a great way to emphasize on your shoes and trousers than going with no socks. However dissing the socks in a hot weather leads to sweaty and stinky feet… Not so stylish, huh? To miss the smelly-ness, we wear no show, or no see, socks.
A really inexpensive alternative.

Great Socks:

  • MARCOLIANI Invisible Touch Mélange Pima Cotton-Blend No-Show Socks
  • MR. GRAY Three-Pack Mélange Cotton-Blend No-Show Socks

No. 4: A Great Pair of Shorts


You can’t say “summer style’’ and think of a great pair of shorts. The casual style is at its peak at this time of the year and you should utilize it to the very maximum. A great pair of either fabric or denim shorts will get your casual style trough the roof!

For a more in-depth look on casual style take a look at our article:

Great Shorts:

  • OFFICINE GENERALE Julian Cotton-Twill Shorts
  • J.CREW Stanton Cotton-Twill Chino Shorts
  • J.CREW Stanton Stretch-Cotton Twill Chino Shorts

No. 5: Cool Swim Shorts


I won’t go in-depth in the swim shorts topic. We have a whole article dedicated on beachwear. To summarize things up, you have to look on top of your game even on the beach. A great way to do this is to own great swim shorts.

If you are interested in more in-depth article then go and read here:


  • ORLEBAR BROWN Bulldog Mid-Length Two-Tone Swim Shorts
  • VILEBREQUIN Merise Mid-Length Printed Swim Shorts
  • DOLCE & GABBANA Slim-Fit Mid-Length Printed Swim Shorts

Final Words

How your list looks like is up to you. This is just an example of what I believe are the most important items a gentleman can have in his summer wardrobe.
Share yours with us in the comments!

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