5 Home Decor Resolutions Every Guy Should Make in 2018

No matter if he lives alone, with a roommate, a friend, a fiancé or a partner, every guy wants to turn his home into something special. In other words, just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know a thing or two about home décor. Learning how to combine colors, incorporate unusual decorative pieces into your existing design and arrange new pieces of furniture, for example, isn’t hard, but will make your living space much more livable. Therefore, here are five décor resolutions you too should make next year if you want to live in a cozier and more enjoyable environment.

Get New Furniture

New furniture for your home

Finding a spot you can direct most of your attention to is quite important and most men choose to turn their living room into the focal point of the house by trying to furnish it adequately. Whether you have a large or small living room, you have to pay close attention to the furniture and even the smallest rooms deserve special treatment. Quality leather furniture is a choice lots of guys make because these are often affordable, yet make a powerful statement and accentuate your masculinity. When it comes to cleaning – and cleaning is something you need to master as soon as possible and find viable hacks that will help you do it properly – this type of furniture is very easy to clean and maintain, so it’s a win-win situation for every guy out there.

Avoid Clichés

Avoiding cliches when you decorate your home
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In this day and age, everyone can find amazing decorating tips on the Internet and arrange their home in a subtle and cozy way. That’s why you should try to avoid clichés and simple ideas nobody really enjoys anymore – from hanging movie posters on the walls to turning your living room into a bar. These things look good on paper but can seem rather cheesy in real life, and just because you loved them in your twenties doesn’t mean you should make a part of your present-day home. Think outside the box for a change and you’ll surely find better-decorating solutions.

Add Plants

Introduce plants into your home in 2018
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Whether you’re trying to impress a potential partner or just want to bring a new dimension to your home, incorporating flowers into your living space is always a good idea. Besides looking nice, these can actually affect your health in a positive way and enrich your home in a matter of days. Just think about all that fresh air they bring into the picture. Since we live in quite an unhealthy world, doing something to purify the air in your living room and bedroom is rather important, which is why plants are such a good idea. If, however, you aren’t a huge fan of greenery, just get a reliable HEPA air purifier that removes dust particles, eliminates allergens and turns your home into an oasis of fresh air almost immediately.

Personalize Everything

Personalise everything in your home
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Relying on an IKEA catalog when furnishing and decorating your home is quite all right, but this solution comes with one significant problem: your home will end up looking exactly the same as the one pictured in the catalog. And you surely don’t want that, do you? That’s precisely the reason why adding a personal touch to basically every corner of your home is vital if you want to make your living space really yours. So, unless you want to become the epitome of consumerism like Edward Norton’s character in Fight Club, spice up your home decorations with your own pictures, childhood memories, sports memorabilia and other things, starting today.

Learn How to Paint

Learn how to paint in 2018!
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The absolutely best, most efficient and most effective way to introduce some change into your life is by repainting the walls and adding more color to your life. And while most men don’t really like getting into these types of home improvement projects, others love nothing more than picking up a brush and a bucket of paint and redecorating their rooms. After all, this isn’t really hard and you too can learn how to do paint more easily than you’ve thought, only if you put your mind to it. Repainting walls is the best way to freshen up your home as well and make it seem brand new once again.

In the end, keep in mind that these aren’t the only home décor resolutions you should be making next year – some of the things you need to pay extra attention to include maximizing your space by opting for smaller furniture and installing mirrors, as well as color coordinating your walls, furniture, and decorations in order to create a continuous flow in the entire home. On the other hand, among the ideas you should avoid are typical manly stuff like video game consoles, huge bars, beanbag chairs and fake plants that require just as much care as real plants, yet look nothing like them.

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